The First Script of Book 3 of The Legend of Korra is Complete

Seychelle Gabriel, the voice actress of Asami, tried to be sneaky on Twitter a few days ago. Sometime within the last 48 hours, she tweeted that she was reading the first script of Book 3 of The Legend of Korra and that she’s loving Tenzin’s character.

The best part about this tweet, however, is that it’s been deleted. Unfortunately for Seychelle, the internet allows us to preserve data that has seemingly been deleted. I was able to obtain a screen shot of the tweet before it was deleted, thanks to my Twitter followers.

A screen shot of the full tweet can be seen below:

The tweet pretty much sums up everything that can be speculated: Book 3’s plot line is complete. Mike and Bryan know exactly what they’re doing and the only thing that remains is potential revisions.

The next step should involve hiring the voice actors and/or actresses so I’ll keep a close eye on things in the Twittersphere as I expect most of the news to come from there.

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  • Nico

    I can't wait to watch the whole series back-to-back in a few years.. Its gonna be epic

    • AdminAvatar

      Yeah, that'll be sweet. I do that as a yearly Summer tradition with The Last Airbender. It's so much fun watching everything in order within like 3 days.

  • morf

    can not wait to see book 2 personally I think it'll be coming out in may or June! And maybe a sneak peak in April!

    • karmen

      AH!!!!! i can't wait that long! I'll be starting college then! no fair!

    • Reepsonefan

      I wont watch Book 1 until a week before Book 2 releases. It kills my excitement :( *sobs*

  • Ashes

    WAHOO!! Here's to book three and a trailer for book two! Things are looking up Korra fans!! Great post !!:)

    • AdminAvatar

      Yeah, I'd love to get a book 2 trailer.

  • randombob

    I wish they would get done with book 3 at april and release both books at the same time

    • AdminAvatar

      Yeah, expect Book 3 to come out sometime 2014. Mike and Bryan seem to be putting extra care into the crafting of The Legend of Korra, so they'll take their time with it, as they should.

      • randombob

        2014?! I'll be a junior by then :(

      • tim

        please make it so that it has more detail and the plot and ending make sense

  • Derrick

    Well thats understandable sense Tenzin is the best character on the show! At least i feel that way. lol

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