The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 11 ‘The Ultimatum’ Prediction

When “Long Live the Earth Queen” concluded last week, the Avatar World was in a much different state of being. The Earth Queen was killed at the hand of Zaheer, Ba Sing Se was thrown into chaos, and according to Korra: this is just the beginning. The official episode description for “The Ultimatum” is as followed: “As Ba Sing Se continues to erupt into chaos, Mako and Bolin struggle to leave the city to deliver Zaheer’s message to Korra.”

As we saw in the clip released by Nickelodeon, Mako and Bolin frantically brainstorm ways to get out of Ba Sing Se to deliver Zaheer’s message to Korra. Eventually, the two brothers capture an air ship, and I assume they successfully depart Ba Sing Se in search of Korra. But how will they know where to find Korra? Zaheer knew that Korra had escaped from Earth Kingdom custody, and I’m sure he was able to conclude that she likely traveled back to the Misty Palms Oasis after being stranded in the Si Wong Desert for some time. It’s the only logical move for someone put in that unfortunate situation.

Zaheer likely relayed that Intel to Mako and Bolin because he wants the two brothers to find Korra more than anyone. After all, they have a message to deliver which is most likely the ultimatum this episode is titled after. But what could the ultimatum be?

Mako and Bolin finding the air ship

Well, what do we know about Zaheer and the Red Lotus so far? They’re a secret society that specializes in restoring freedom to the world, they despise the idea of having nations and governments – oh – and, they get a kick out of killing the leaders of said nations and governments (re: Earth Queen).

As for the message (or ultimatum), it likely has something to do with luring Korra out in the open. If you recall last week’s episode, at one point Zaheer says, “It doesn’t matter. We’re through chasing her [Korra]. It’s time to make her come to us.” That being said, I think Zaheer’s ultimatum will be something along the lines of: come to the Northern Air Temple by [insert time frame] or I will continue my quest of killing of leaders, starting with Republic City’s President Reiko.

The attack on Republic City’s President was foreshadowed in “The Metal Clan” when the Red Lotus considered taking him out. Fortunately for good ‘ol Reiko, the Red Lotus decided to peruse Korra instead. This time, however, Reiko won’t be so lucky unless Korra obliges to the terms.

Thinking that she can stop Zaheer then and there, Korra agrees to the terms and travels to the Northern Air Temple with Team Avatar, which includes Mako, Bolin, Asami, Lin Beifong and maybe Zuko. Unfortunately for Korra, she doesn’t realize that Zaheer considers Tenzin a leader too – a leader of the rebuilding Air Nation. Zaheer’s plan of luring Korra to the Northern Air Temple is planned in a way that he can kill two birds with one stone: eliminate Tenzin, the acting leader of the Air Nation, and capture Korra for currently unknown reasons.

Upon arriving at the Northern Air Temple, a fight will ensue.

Lin at Northern Air Temple

Lin at Northern Air Temple

Lin battles Zaheer for some time.

Lin fighting at the Northern Air Temple

Lin fighting at the Northern Air Temple

Zaheer at the Northern Air Temple

Zaheer at the Northern Air Temple

And even the Airbenders in training help, too. Unfortunately for Kai, he isn’t so lucky at one point in the battle. But no worries, I’m sure Jinora swoops in and saves him at this point. It’s only fitting.

Kai falling from the Northern Air Temple

Kai falling from the Northern Air Temple

After some back-and-forth combat, I think the Red Lotus will finally succeed. After failing to capture Korra twice, I think they’ll succeed at this point and the episode will end on a cliff hanger. Despite the fact that they failed to kill Tenzin, the Red Lotus cut their losses and take Korra prisoner. After all, that was their primary objective.

How do you think “The Ultimatum” will play out?

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  • Azulaalwayslies

    Hey Keval, which episode do you think we will get more backstory and/or development for the Red Lotus group? Maybe they’ll pull a Skeletons in the Closet and throw it all into the 12th episode?

    Umm the second to last image, the one of Tenzin is from the Original Airbenders episode.

    • Keval

      I think we’ll get background in Enter the Void. And yes, you’re correct about the Tenzin image. I found it on the web and someone claimed it was from The Ultimatum. I was a bit weary, but I posted it anyway. But you’re right, it’s from Original Airbenders. It’s been updated.

      • Azulaalwayslies

        What’s your speculation on Zaheer’s backstory? I sent you and Wyatt an email about my theory, but I’d love to hear yours :)!

  • Michael Machado

    I think we might get a “The Earth Kingdom has fallen” on this one, don’t think zaheer gonna go in 3 episodes.

  • Rod

    They must have something planned for korra, otherwise she should be able to easily take them on with the avatar state. Perhaps they capture Tenzin and threaten to kill him if she doesn’t go with them willingly. Seriously can’t wait!

    • Rache

      I have a feeling that since Zaheer has so much knowledge with spiritual matters like Unalaq, then he might be able to stop Korra even in her Avatar state. I could be wrong though obviously

  • Korra Videos

    Great predictions, as always. It’ll be interesting to see if Zaheer manipulates Mako and Bolin into finding Korra for them. Also, I really hope to see more of Kai! I love his character.

  • oh well

    Huh…no leak in sight.

  • Matt Brown

    If Tenzin is killed, I am going to jump off of an airplane! Like seriously. He is my favorite character!

    • Luis Vivar

      Maybe you will have to :'(

      • Nescafé


        It’s not clear if he is killed but chances are big he is. They attacked him with four at the same time. Then the camera moved behind a pillar and you could hear him in pain. I hope he’s still alive. Q_Q

    • Parviz Talibli

      I don’t think he’s dead. It seems to be against of Zaheer’s principals as he himself referred to him as Airbending Master with an obvious respect. It’s not like he’s another Earth Queen.

      • Matt Brown

        Idk man. It panned behind the pillar and you could here him struggling. And his arm was broken! I’m gonna cry Tenzin dies.

        • Parviz Talibli

          no lies, i’ll be doing the same tbh. However, i do want to believe that Red Lotus are not completely done with Tenzin yet and they’re gonna use him again as a leverage in next episodes to capture Korra for good.

  • Legama

    Poor Kai, Zaheer is too much form him. But oh God i cant wait to see Tenzin vs Zaheer showdown, it will be complete madness, it will probably be the best airbending match on the whole series.

    • Zurrdroid

      It is.

  • Korra2000

    In the third picture the person who’s jumping off an explosion doesn’t look like Lin. It looks rather Suyin.

  • Γιώργος Μανιφάβας

    it has been leaked

    • ALance


    • PerformerFX

      It’s not leaked. It’s legally available on Amazon right now 😉

      • ALance

        Yeah, for purchase :(

  • jonas

    yo friends!
    a little leak

    the last 3 minutes are missing so that will motivate you to watch it on as well!

    • nzhabermaas

      that isnt a leak it was on amazon

      • jonas

        and it ‘leaked’ straight to youtube 😉

    • ALance

      I hope this person finds themself funny!

  • Zurrdroid

    Ultimatum is out.

    And boy is it a doozy.

  • zaheerforthepeople
    • Caesar

      Whoa…. What an episode… My God, this season is shaping up to be something really out of this world. Tenzin…

  • Eyesr

    OMG…I was so excited when Kya washed away Ming Hua..and the next moment “WTF?! O_O”….srsly…Seeing Aang’s kids actually loosing a fight was painful T_T…just painful…

  • yerss

    Haha that moment Bumi went all Luis Suarez on Ghazan

  • justin

    this is an anime for children so tenzin can’t die!!!

  • Sammy

    I swear, if the next review on this episode isn’t higher than a 9…