The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 9 ‘The Stakeout’ Clip

A few days ago, Nickelodeon uploaded a 52 second clip of episode 9 “The Stakeout”. Unfortunately, they removed the clip shortly after for unknown reasons, upsetting any fans who missed the window of opportunity (me!). However, the clip was recorded by KorraInsider and has been posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. The clip appears to have been recorded with a hand-camera, but the video and audio quality is just fine.

In the clip, Team Avatar’s search for Aiwei brings them to what appears to be the Misty Palm Oasis (town near Si Wong Desert). Together, they enter a local pub and are angrily-greeted by several locals. Could they have recognized Korra as the Avatar? Before leaving the pub, Team Avatar finds their faces on several wanted posters distributed by the Earth Queen. Their actions of treason clearly haven’t been forgiven, and I anticipate the Earth Queen will make an appearance in future episodes.

You can view the clip in its entirety below. Since the clip is uploaded on YouTube, international readers shouldn’t have any issues viewing it.

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  • makolin

    *Korra whispers*: water tribe

    • Sicftermo

      Sokka and Katara approves!!

      • Katie

        I can’t express enough how irritated/relieved I was when I saw someone already said that.

  • Sicftermo

    i really think there’s going to be another civil war but with the earth kingdom now, and how republic city vanished korra, we have a huge room for speculation, do you think that maybe republic city with the earth queen will join forces to punish the avatar, or rather give assistance to the red lotus and star a revolution against the avatar?

    great video, i really want the next chapter.

  • AnotherGuest

    water tribe

  • crystalline

    water tribe yes!

  • Rache

    I like how everytime Korra says “I AM GONNA–” she gets cut off

    • Keval

      If she kept going LOK wouldn’t be a kids show anymore.

      • Rache

        haha exactly :)

  • Keval

  • Yung Nasib

    man this season finale is going to epic, this ai wei guy is badass, how did he even know that korra would one day come to su’s city and befriend and get close to su.

    • Sibis

      Opal was an Air Bender and she was bait to draw in Korra.

  • Sibis

    There is a lack of wanted posters for Tenzin, Bumi, Jinora, and Lin who were also involved.

    Chief Lin and Officer Mako involvement along with a Republic City Police Airship gives the Earth Queen reason to go after Republic City now.

    • Ifreke Umana

      Good point. I wonder if it will come up later.

    • Kai

      I was just thinking that , how come they don’t have wanted posters too and Lin and asami was in the airship together so if Lin didn’t get one then asami shouldn’t get one either

      • Brian Tailor

        But does it really matter

    • AvatarYuan

      what can you say about this picture of SuYin’s Circus family? Could it be the Zaheer,Ghazan,Minghua and P’Li?

      • Katie

        I would really like to see how Ming Hua lost her arms.

  • Rache
    • yollo

      Korra looks really surprised when Zaheer tells her something… Maybe Zaheer was someone she knew as a kid?

      Anyway, next episode is gonna be epic

  • ShatteredWorld

    The clip is actually still up on the Nick site.

  • Rache

    • RedLeaf

      First time Avatar broke the fourth wall! (Sort of.)

    • Erin

      God this season keeps getting better and better…I can’t wait to see the face off between korra and zahirr.

  • Anne

    new image of Asami chained up leaked:

    • Sibis

      Asami: Well this is just fan-freaking-tastic in jail and an enemy of the state. Congratulations Asami, you’ve just become like your father.

  • Questions?

    In book 3, they have totally cut off what happened to Aang. There were some points when they were so closed to reveal overs question of Avatar the Last Airbender Books; such as in the first episode of Korra, they were going to reveal what happened to Zukos’ mother. They still haven’t revealed that yet. Now we are not going to know what happened to Aang.

    • crystalline

      we may find out this friday….don’t lose hope just yet

    • Answers!

      In the comicbookseries they reveal what happened to Zuko’s mother

  • Web
  • Ariana Moreno

    I love Korra haha XD. I like how she still has trouble backing down from her opponents, so she still wants to sneak in a “i’m watching you” signal X)

    Can’t wait for more of these epic episodes to come out. I have never been more pumped for korra since book 1.

    • Korrava

      I haven’t been this pumped since ATLA Book 3. 0_0

  • Sibis

    Remember this reaction after Aiwei was revealed.

    Suyin is likely a part of the Red Lotus. Together with Aiwei, Opal was the bait to draw Korra to Metal City where Zaheer and his group could walk in and take her. Lin, episodes prior was checking the defenses and would have found the tunnel if Aiwei didn’t send Lin to questionable therapy and be occupied with Suyin. Aiwei absolved Suyin of all suspicion during the interrogation. Lin doesn’t bother to resume her searching for tunnels nor does she question any validity of Aiwei pointing to an 18 year old guard.

    Now Korra since off with her group chasing after the new bait, Aiwei. While Suyin keeps Lin stalled.

    • Sibis

      Plus if Suyin and Aiwei were lying, then this could mean everything about Toph is a lie.

      • crystalline


      • Ariana Moreno

        tell me though, why would she take that risk when there’s her husband and all her kids that could potentially help korra stop whatever’s going on? just a thought. she’s outnumbered by her family if she is guilty of something.

    • Ariana Moreno

      now that i look at this pic replaying over and over, it looks like she’s trying to fake her reaction. she hesitates for a sec, and looks back and fourth as if she’s trying to work up an emotional response to Iwei’s betrayal..o_o hm, i wonder if all you say is true, cause it does actually make sense

  • SweetCandies21

    I’m wondering if Korra will eventually have to close the spirit portals in book 4.

  • JAM

    Here’s my guess on what’s going to happen:
    Red lotus are actually the good guys and will join team avatar in defeating the earth queen.
    Just needed to get that off my chest in case it comes true lol (sorry if it IS true and I spoiled it for someone)