Why Toph’s Husband could be The Duke

One of the major plot points not answered in the season finale of The Legend of Korra: Book 1 was the identity of Lin Bei Fong’s father or Toph’s husband. We knew how Aang and Katara got together and we assumed that Sokka and Suki got together, but what about poor Toph? Surely she must have at least had some sort of relationship, right?

Well she did, and we have reason to believe that her (lone?) relationship was with The Duke. Before I get into that whole thing called “evidence”, I wanted to provide just a tad bit of background information on The Duke in case you may have forgotten about him.

The Duke is of Earth Kingdom nationality and he joined the Freedom Fighters when he was caught stealing food from them. According to Jet, The Duke never had a home so it is assumed that he is an orphan. So how does an Earth Kingdom Orphan end up with a wealthy, Earth Bending prodigy? I’ll show you.

Most of the evidence we have is simply a few pictures of Toph and The Duke together, but you just have to see them to believe in the shipping (they’re fairly convincing).

If that doesn’t convince you, check out the glaring similarities we found between Lin Bei Fong and her potential father, The Duke, as a child.

Convinced yet? If not, think about it this way: Who else could it possibly be? There are only a few possibilities unless Mike and Bryan decided to pair Toph up with some un-introduced character.

But of course this is all speculation. Nothing is official, however I am a strong believer in this outcome.

Update: I’ve recently noticed that a lot of fans seem to believe that Sokka is the husband of Toph. The reality is that this is impossible unless Mike and Bryan decided to break the laws of morality.

Let’s play out the scenario: Aang and Katara have Tenzin; Sokka and Toph have Lin. Tenzin and Lin, who are now technically cousins, date each other. Two cousins cannot date each other unless they choose to be immoral. And I doubt Mike and Bryan would include such in inappropriate theme in a Nickelodeon show.

Please carry on the discussion.

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  • Prophet

    Who are you trying to convince the readers or yourself?

    Seriously you are the very deffinition of those horrible shippers Zutara had more evidence then what you just shown me…there is no similarity between lin and the duke its just two pics put next to eachother i could make naga be the daughter of momo and appa if i was in such denial as you!! give it up already! Tophs husband was not named and most likely somebody she met later in life.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      No need to be so hostile about it. It's speculation, and if you can't stand someone taking a guess at an unknown fact, you can kindly leave the blog. It's seriously all opinion. I don't need you telling me what I can and cannot do on my personal fan blog that others read. Bye bye.

      • Sherv

        I agree one hundred percent! I think that his guess is as good as gold and the best one I've seen since the series ended! Leave him alone! He has the best ideas I've seen so far!

    • Yellowleaf

      true, but it's obviously Sokka

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar


  • Yellowleaf

    I read the "The Promise" books and Zuko and Mai broke-up and started dating Suki, Suki and Sokka broke-up and Sokka started dating Suki. So, no offense but there is nooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy that The Duke is Lin Bei Fong's father or related in any way, shape or form

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      How does Sokka break up with Sukki and start dating Sukki! O.o

      But I think I see what you are trying to say. Thanks for the info, but this is just speculation. Nothing official here, but thanks for your input!

    • Kay

      I think you may need to read the Promise again. Zuko and Suki did not start dating in the comic. If you think the line "I'm really worried about you Zuko" means that they got together, then you're reading into things "wayyyyyyyyy" too much.

  • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

    To all of you who believe Sokka is Toph's husband, I have updated the post with evidence to squash that theory. Please read the update.

  • Luke

    A comment to your cousins thing… Cousins married in earlier eras all.. the… freakin'… time. In some cases, they still do! Some states in the USA even allow first-cousin marriage. It's only immoral by the view of some people, and even joked upon about incest. The idea that cousins might marry in the world of Avatar is not out of the question.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      You made a plausible point but I still don't think Mike and Bryan would advertise something that can be perceived as incest in a children's show.

      There's no question that it's certainly possible. But if you look at it in the perspective of the creators, what would be the point of including something perceived to be so inappropriate in a children's TV show?

  • Kay

    This is a really interesting theory! Its probably the best theory to who Toph's husband is I've heard so far, assuming that its not some character we've never met. Bravo :)

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      Thank you :)

  • heisenberg

    very interesting theory….but it could be Ohev he was in the comic book "love potion 8" and toph had a crush on him

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      I've never heard of that comic. Is it an official Avatar Comic, or is it just a spin off?

  • http://AvatarKorraAndAang.wordpress.com kellyurban22

    I cant even think right now! It's so confusing. I mean I think it's Sokka, but then I think to myself (noway!) and then I think of The Duke, and i'm like no way as well! Confusing, and good job on the thinking!!

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com adminavatar

      Thank you. Yeah it really is confusing. I just hope we eventually get a definitive answer in one of the upcoming books.

  • manbot

    i think it is zuko cause lin acts alot like zuko and zuko and toph had lots in common like there stubornish and there parent issues

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      That could be true, if Zuko doesn't stay with Mai.

      • Sherv

        I'm not trying to get into a shipping war here or anything but I just want to star my opinion. What if all that happened at the end of part four Avatar Aang was canon as far as who all was together. Most relationships have their ups and downs, which means people often break up and then get Back together every few months before they really work it all out. People who think Suki and Zuko are falling for each other, I promise I have absoutly nothing against you but I just think that when Zuko helped Suki up and they said they were worried for each other etc. I really just think that those were friend like gestures. I mean just think about it: they were forced to be in contact with each other for so long before Sozin's Comet and apparently some time afterwards. They have to be resale close friend are just naturally worried if their is something wrong with their friends and that's all there is to it. However, on the other hand, Lin and Zuko are alike but to be honest this Toph married The Duke thing is really as good as gold and the best theory weve got until who knows when. My compliments to the author on this post and regards also from my friends who have found all posts from you quite interesting.

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

        Thank you, I appreciate it. And yes, relationships do change and go through ups and downs. It'll be interesting to possibly learn more about them in Flash Backs as LoK continues.

  • Danyul

    but why does lin have the surname of toph??

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      Because Lin is Toph's daughter.

      • Danyul

        i mean she should have the surname of her father, that means toph don't have a husband when lin was born right?

        • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

          I think you're right. Maybe Toph had Lin when she was never married? It's just another part of the mystery.

    • Terra

      Because Toph is one of the few people in ATLA with a last name, besides shes nobility. If Toph married (or at least had children with) the Duke, he would assume her last name as would her children.

  • Sherv

    As soon as an animated trailer comes out for season two will you tell us please?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar


      • Sherv


  • Sherv

    When do you think Korra season two will air?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      I'm thinking either January or February. It'll definitely air close to or on 2013 just because Nickelodian won't want to stack their profits in one year (LOK brings in a lot of money). That being said, I wouldn't expect Book 2 to be delayed much once the new year hits since, by then, it would have been over 7 months since Book 1 finished. So look for it to air sometime this winter. Book 2 airing in December is also possible since that would also quickly overlap into the new year.

      • angelkst

        Most are saying it will show up in late march or early april

        • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

          Yeah April is the general consensus as of now.

          Thanks for commenting!

          • LOK fan mofo

            Still hasnt aird FML

  • angelkst

    I have a feeling that Lin never knew her dad, because he wasn't there when she was born. As in, Toph meets someone later in life, and he leaves her when he finds out she's pregnant. I'm only saying because Lin has the Bei Fong last name

  • Jingle

    I think that sokka definatly marries sukki, I mean sokka was sooo much in love with her and she was also verry much in love with him so I can't see why toph would marry sokka, because he is already hooked up? :)

  • Carlos Coronel

    I think it might be Zuko because the eyes and the face with the scar
    Lin Beifong has similarities with Zuko

    • Obamaniqua

      O my god, I think that too :) And their both so ,you know, 'hard' :)

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

        Zukos been confirmed to have married Mai according to the recently release LoK family tree. So i don't think he'll end up being Lins father lol.

      • Obamaniqua

        Oh ,thanks for responding,but,where can I find taht family tree?

  • grayzstone

    yeah, it would be interesting to know how she got the scar. A Zuko sort of flash back kind of deal? But i think that Sokka and Toph remained friends and stand behind the Sokka and Suki romance. I don't think Lin's dad is Zuko because I've read articles about Zuko's daughter being fire lord?? But maybe Lin's father will be addressed in Season 2 LoK.

  • Beautiful_Shadows

    I think this is an excellent theory and if you watch Sozin's Comet: Avatar Aang in the end right before Zuko's speech Toph hugs The Duke *hint* *hint* but I'll admit I don't have enough solid proof (I mean Sokka hugged Toph before and he obviously got married to Suki) But this theory is a very good one but until The LoK season two comes out we won't know. It comes out in January or Febraury 2013 right oh I hope, I hope, I hope!!!! 😀

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate the feedback!

    • RiRi E.

      Sokka never married. We don’t know what happened with him and suki. but they didn’t get married.

  • Beautiful_Shadows

    I think this is an amazing theory. I can back it up too. In the end of Sozin's Comet:Avatar Aang when everyone is cheering and celebrating Toph and The Duke hug. *hint* *hint* But this isn't very solid proof, I mean Sokka hugged Toph before right? And he obivously married Suki. Well hopefully we'll have an identity of Lin's father in season two of LoK. Also has anybody ever noticed in the ATLA movie they call Aang Oong and a lot of people miss pronouce his name. And I have one more thing to say. Has anyone ever noticed that Katara is older than both Aang and Toph yet she lived longer? Weird huh? Anyway in the next season of LoK Lin may reveal that she does not in fact know who yer father is and may go on a quest to find out who he is – like Zuko wanted to find his mother Ursa – but that's just my theory. :)

    • Adom Saturday Quansah

      Aang died so early due to 100 years of sustained avatar state use, but I don’t know why toph went so young.

      • RiRi E.

        Me either. Maybe they’ll reveal it in the Change (Book 3 of LOK) it focuses on earthbending and Lin…so maybe some info on Toph will come up.

  • Beautiful_Shadows

    Oops I put that twice sorry!! :p

  • Obamaniqua

    Well…First I thought that Zuko and Toph would become a couple…But that's not possible,I think :s

  • cdubs24

    From all the clues I am seeing, what if Toph never married anyone and was a single mother? For one, Lin's last name is Beifong, her mother's last name, which is an indication that Lin may not have been "legitimate". Plus, Toph is shown to have kept her last name, which, presumably, she would not have done had she gotten married. Also, Lin is SO much like her mother – independent, tough, and not prone to showing her feelings, much like Toph, without any seeming influence from a father figure. Obviously it's complete speculation, but it would be interesting to see!

    • cdubs24

      I just saw others had made this comment as well! Whoops! I am also digging the theory that Zuko and Toph had a fling, resulting in Lin, but Zuko couldn't marry Toph or Toph didn't want to get married because Zuko had responsibilities as the Fire Lord, so they went their separate ways and Toph was a single mother. Til Zuko resigned and became an ambassador but by then it was too late to tell Lin the truth! Guh, so excited for Book 2 to premiere.

    • Suz

      I'm not sure about taking names. Toph is one of the few ATLA characters with a last name, and I can't imagine her taking someone else's. But single motherhood is very plausible.

    • Adom Saturday Quansah

      I like this idea, but I’m hoping for either haru x toph or zuko x toph.

  • Jordyn

    I really like this… I did believe Sokka would be her husband but didn't have that much of a good theory. However really like yours :)- It's a possibility but guess we won't know for sure unless they reveal more in the next season :)- Nice job!

  • Bon-bon

    My theory is that Toph and Sokka had an illegitimate child, then Lin and Tenzin broke up when they found out they were cousins. :) I know this wouldn't actually be true because it's a nikelodeon show, but this is how I wish it happened. I'm a huge Tokka fan lol

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      Lol if this actually happened I would die of laughter! :)

      • Cameron Vance

        I would say that this would fit Toph perfectly…

        and it could lead to Lin and Tenzin finding out that they are actually cousins… in a squickyly hillarious scene…

        Thus why Tenzin ends up with Pema. (Who could have used the information to her advantage. :D)

  • cierra

    But toph doesn't seem like she would marry a non-bender. I'm sure it's someone we don't know. If this is true I'd just die because they don't seem to fit but then again toph is a hard one to match up with someone(I ship toko but it's still hard for me to see her married). I hope she married someone as awesome as her but the duke doesn't really fit.

  • Alexis

    Okay people lets get this straight, Toph's husband is NOT Zuko or Sokka, google has great information and so does Wikipedia, sokka and suki did in fact get married, they never broke up to begin with and whatsoever there was nothing that she felt for zuko. In season one in one of the episodes it shows a scene where a fire bender is on board of a fire nation ship, that boy is the fire nations prince, and also the son of Mai and Zuko. From what I have read was that not only did Zuko and Mai have a kid but so did sokka and suki. As for Toph, yes her daughters father is unknown but if Toph never got into a relationship she would never have had her only kid Lin Bei Fong. If you don't believe anything that I have told you then you can look up the facts yourself. Have a nice day :3

    • Kerry

      I think you’re referring to Iroh who is Zuko’s grandson… not his son.

    • Adom Saturday Quansah

      1Anyone can put anything they want on Wikipedia and you didn’t state what your “other sources” are.

      2That wasn’t a prince, he was a Fire Navy General, his name is Iroh, and he’s Zuko’s grandson but nothing was said about Mai.
      I’m not saying Zuko x Toph is for sure. As a matter of fact, it’s improbable but its possible.

      • Matt

        Theres a picture of clearly Zuko and a girl looking VERY similar to Mai standing with a little girl, which is their daughter. It was an unfinished drawing by the creators..

        • Adom Saturday Quansah

          On wikipedia?
          Also, even if it’s not Zuko x Toph, I hope for Haru x Toph

  • TealMaster

    Seriously, people. Everything's obvious when it comes to pairings.
    Sokka+Suki (IN ANIME, coz they actually kiss)
    Aang + Katara (Coz 1) Aang fantasizes about Katara before the war, and they kiss at the last episode)
    Zuko + Mai (They actually kissed, and the record for The Legend of Korra said that Zuko proposes to Mai during the "timeskip" between)
    …And Sokka + Yue (They kissed.)
    I don't know about the others…I think the Duke is possible. Very possible… Good thinking!

    • Adom Saturday Quansah

      I’ve kissed plenty of my exes but that didn’t mean we were engaged.

  • http://twitter.com/NiHaoImSenna Senna Minaku (@NiHao

    I see this argument is really convincing, and i ship the Doph too. But I also ship Teoph(Teo x Toph), Tohev(Toph x Ohev) and lets not forget my OTP Tokka(Toph x Sokka). I am to the point where im ready for the dad to be anyone, with or without any evidence. Thats why i also strongly belive that the father could have been Sokka. I mean, everyone's argument that Tokka cant happen is that Linzin would be incest, but seriously, its a kids show. No one is arguing about the fact that Pema is 12 years younger than Tenzin, now are they? I also have evidence to support that Sokka is the father here: http://nihaoimsenna.tumblr.com/post/42072037104/t… (along with evidence to support how the Equalists were created ^^
    I also have evidence that Ohev(not introduced in the show, but in a ready to read book) here: http://aangxkatara.livejournal.com/172263.html

  • chinaboytag

    Maybe, there is nothing wrong with dating your cousin? jk, but I doubt there is in the Avatar world, so why not Sokka?

  • Suz

    As much as I would LOVE for Sokka to be Lin's blood father, it can't happen without crossing lines an American kid's cartoon wouldn't cross. Nick isn't touching incest with Cartoon Network's pole.

    I think Duke is her dad and Toph's husband, and I'm OK with that :o)

  • Sabrina

    Because either her husband is someone without a last name, or Lin chose to keep the last name because her mom was so well known. If her mom founded the Bei Fong academy for metal bending, wouldn't it make sense for Lin to keep the last name to be identified?

  • Sabrina

    I don't think Nick would have any of their characters have kids without getting married. (Much as us older Avatar fans refuse to believe it, Avatar at least was for younger kids. Can you imagine kids going, "Mommy? How did Toph get pregnant without getting married?"


    I do see it being possible that Toph's husband died when Lin was very young. It probably would have helped toughen her up into the person she is today.

  • sanniq

    The Duke!! Yes Very plausible.. definitely not Zuko or Sokka. Well see book II

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com Keval

      Hopefully they don't keep is a secret.

      • ioefhaquhfqewuid

        Like with Zuko’s mom (WE STILL DONT KNOW THAT!!!(unless you are reading the Search))

    • Adom Saturday Quansah

      not probable that it’s zuko but still possible. Although that would mean that either Lin is Iroh’s mother or she has a sibling and that’s Iroh’s parent.

  • WaterTribe

    Actually marrying a first cousin is still legal in 20 states in the U.S. and is even common practice in other parts of the world to keep family names and property. Also it was extremely popular for those same reasons throughout history. Where the series takes place (although fictitiously) in the past, Toph marrying Sokka, and then Lin dating Tenzin, would not be a big deal.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com Keval

      Smoking weed is legal in a few states too, but that doesn't mean its appropriate to publicly advertise it.

      • WaterTribe

        Your missing my point, it's a historic fictitious show. Smoking Marijuana wasn't illegal until 1970, just like marrying your cousin wasn't and still isn't in some places. In fact, Hemp (Another term for marijuana) was a huge cash crop that was grown to be consumed, and used to make things like paper and rope. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the rope and paper they use in the show is made out of Marijuana. After all, the show did have "Cactus Juice" (It's the quenchiest) a mind altering drink similar to alcohol. All I'm trying to say is that different cultures and different times have different values, and marrying/dating a cousin is only recently seen as "breaking the laws of morality" and then only in the Western World. In fact, marrying cousins make up 10% of marriages worldwide and over half of marriages in some middle east countries.

        • Ckr-e

          I think you missed the point. the point is that nickelodeon wouldn’t show incestuous relationships. it could cause problems for the network to show cousins dating

          • Adom Saturday Quansah

            It’s a kids channel. I don’t know how you were as a child, but I didn’t learn about incest until I was a teen.

  • Sunny

    Cousin marriage is a common thing around the world, so, I doubt there's any problem with that.. Other than that, I do believe Sokka married Suki…I mean, I doubt Bryke would mess up the pairs that were made in AtLA. And there are chances that Toph married Ohev..from the comics (but, I don't believe in that much..)
    Argh! Cannot wait to find out who Lin's father is! X-/

    • downtosail

      where can i read these comics I cant find them any where and i really want to read about ohev!?!?

  • Sunny

    And if there's a problem with cousin marriage and saying that Toph didn't marry Sokka because Tenzin and Lin were a couple for sometime, then the same goes for Toph and The Duke. The Duke was four years younger than Toph. He's eight and Toph's twelve…

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com Keval

      I hope you're kidding. A four difference is NOTHING! It's fairly common.

    • Chuck Norris

      not to mention, Katara was like 4 yeahs (at least) older than Aang and THEY got together. ….sadly. #Zutarashipper :(

      • Nelson

        Katara was 14, Aang was 12, Zuko was 16. So there was a 2 year difference between Aang and Katara. In terms of teens, 4 years is a big difference. But they probably didn’t get together till they were older so it was always plausible.

        • Amber

          I disagree. You would still go to high school (for a year) together. Four years is even less of a big deal the older you are. And no one is saying they were a couple when they were so young anyway. After all, Toph was still in love with Sokka at that point.

          • Tomaito tohmahto

            Actually and is 112 years old so technically hes a pedophile. So if you want to talk about technicalities then this should be the big deal not cousins boneing lol and marijuana? Really? Nobody would care about the advertisement of hemp unless you’re dim witted

  • Kaya

    I think it's pretty commonly accepted that Zuko had a daughter, not a son, who is fire lord. I'm not sure what episode you're talking about and how you know what the boy was fire lord.

  • Jessica

    sorry tokka shippers but lin’s father isn’t sokka obviously! I bet he married suki and also lin and tenzin aren’t cousins, god, no please!!! her husband (if she had one) (hopefully yes because I think she deserves love too) was a cool man she met on her teen years maybe someone awesome (I want to think that) I’m really impressed of how many people are making and fulling tumblr’s with tokka headcanons with lin and blah,blah,blah killing suki !lol! they make me laugh so hard, yeah, tokkaneers can be so cruel all the time! well it’s anything against them, but deal with it! I don’t even think sokka and toph hooked up that’d be very weird

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  • Tokka101

    I really want it to be Toph and Sokka (they’re perfect for each other) and I really don’t think Toph and the duke would make a good couple. I also really don’t like Toph and Ohev either

    • TrueSuperSand

      Here’s why the Tokka theory is bull$#!&. It’s stated in the show that Tenzin and Lin had a thing. Since Tenzin’s mother is Katara, that would make Lin his cousin if her father was Sokka. I highly doubt Nickelodeon is going to cross the line of incest.

      • Adom Saturday Quansah

        It”s nickelodeon and as far as I know, kids don’t pay a whole lot of attention to incest or even know what it is.

        • TrueSuperSand

          Maybe kids won’t, but parents might, and there’s surely going to be quite a few who will have a problem with it.

      • Ghkug

        But hallucinogens are clearly acceptable. Clearly you are. Smart thinker…. And they had a thing and they realized it would never work so there’s more evidence to support the toph sokka theory

  • gugu111

    Just to say, those ‘similarites’ don’t even look remotely alike. Just saying…

    • RiRi E.


  • gugu111

    Just to say, those ‘similarites’ don’t even look remotely alike. Just saying…

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  • Anonymous

    Well Tenzin did marry Pema

    • Anononon

      Exactly.Too young for him but probably had a higher likely chance to procreate and pass on the airbending gene than the women his own age.

  • Adom Saturday Quansah

    1Those “Glaring Similarities” don’t look alike at all. 2 The only thing that’s even remotely romantic in the other pictures is the hug and ONE hug doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  • Flowerkins

    I just heard that it was confirmed Toph’s father isn’t anyone important by the shows creator. Is this true?

  • VisualInsanity

    Since Lin has Toph’s last name she was probably born out of wedlock.

    • Justshippin’

      The duke didn’t have a last name. He was just ‘the duke’
      That’s probably why Lin took toph’s last name

    • Yi-Ying Lu

      Would they do the whole wedlock theme on a kids’ show?

      • Man_of_Sin

        Zuko and Azula are basically products of rape. So why not?

        • Yi-Ying Lu

          Wasn’t that only in the comics?

          • Man_of_Sin

            Still canon.

          • Yi-Ying Lu

            I guess you have a point…

  • AngelsFall

    There is Zuko

    In te comics he did break up with Mai

  • NotButter

    So with the release that Lin has a half sister named Suyin who, while described of being of earth bender descent, looks eerily like Sokka in terms of skin tone, facial shape, and brow structure. I think that toph and Sokka did end up have a child together. Lin’s father is still unknown to me though.

  • kiki3009

    what if zuko and toph had a one night “thing” that led to toph becoming pregnant and nobody knew because they kept it a secret