Track Team Hints at Exciting Legend of Korra News “Coming Soon”

After another day of driving my teachers insane, I came home to some interesting news. The Track Team used Twitter to announce that some “exciting news” will be “coming soon.” They didn’t really elaborate much more than that, so this news could pertain to just about anything. Assuming that this news is even Korra-related, it could very well be the release date for Book 2. Just as the voice actors have been constantly badgered, the Track Team has also been flooded with questions pertaining to Book 2’s release date. With the summer season almost upon us, it looks like we’re only about one more season away from Book 2’s release – assuming that Book 2 does debut in the fall.

The Legend of Korra fandom has been deprived of news enough lately, and it’s only a matter of time before Nickelodeon snaps and reveals some information about Book 2.

But even though an announcement for Book 2’s release date is possible, it’s important to keep yourself grounded and look at more realistic options. When it comes to the Track Team, they’re all about music. One thing that Avatar Fans have been begging for has been a Soundtrack for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

People have been “championing” the cause for quite some time, and even Jeremy Zuckerman (member of the track team) explaining that 2013 is looking bright when it comes to a possible soundtrack release.

Could this exciting news be the announcement of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s soundtrack? That’s where my money is, in case you’re curious.

My preference would be that we get Book 2’s release date (obviously), but I don’t see it happening. It could be wrong, of course – and I hope I am. But what do you guys think? What exciting news will be revealed soon?

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  • LOL

    It is probably the soundtrack for both shows. I can’t imagine that the soundartists are confirming anything about book 2 before Mike and Bryan does.

    I guess someday *BOOM* just outta nowhere they will air the trailer.

    • josh

      i agree, but they dont necessarily say they will be announcing it, they just say that good news is coming soon. it could possibly be that they know the release date, cant say anything, and are waiting for mike and bryan to announce it, actually, that sounds very likely that is the case. because if track team had exciting news about the music, they would probably just go ahead and announce it. ya know if it was just pertaining to the music. the fact they said that the news was coming and didnt say anything else insinuates that bryan and mike have to announce it, which dun dun dun, might actually be some kind of release date if not for the actual release, but maybe some kind of announcement as to when it will be unveiled, like maybe comic con or something like that. idk, i assume it doesent have to do with the release date because getting hopes up aqbout nick is absolutely pointless, but hey, ya never know.

    • Avatar/KorraFan9150

      The trailer is 100% sure to be shown at this year’s Comic Con. The creators, Mike and Bryan as well as Nickelodeon know that if nothing happens at Comic Con fans will be very upset and stop watching the show. As much as people love The Legend of Korra no one wants to be messed with just like this fandom has been messed with all these fake announcements.

  • sescja

    hopeful for the soundtrack … practicing “possitive intent” for Korra Book Two as that see if the wait will be worth it.

  • jamster96

    i dont bother getting excited any more

    • daniel yefru

      DUDE THIS IS GOOD NEWS well nvm i just realsed i understand you completly you are absoutly right maybe they will say it was a miscommuncation theres always something

  • Justin

    Its most likely the soundtrack because its weird that the soundartists are announcing this. Not trying to be negative or anything, i want the release date as much as anyone else, but im just being realistic.
    One thing i just wanted to mention is that i recently noticed that nick has been playing reruns of TLOK. I just wanted to point tha out.

  • daniel yefru

    kevel even if they give us a realse date is do you think its going to be the realse date we could say coming this fall we will be like FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK

    • josh

      hey, is english your first language? I am totally not bashing on you, im just curious, i see your comments all the time and i was just wondering if you were a sloppy typer, or what. no biggie, not puttin you down, just sayin, if english is your first language, you might want to take just a few more seconds to type yer stuff, sometimes have a hard time makin out what yer sayin. anyways, yeah, dont come back yellin at me, like i said, im not bashin you. just a tip.

      • daniel yefru

        yea but i get alot of typos when i type i usally type fast thats my problem

  • josh

    i know this sounds backwards, but i hope they are talking about a soundtrack for korra and not the release date. i assume that we will not get news about the release date for a while, however, while the soundtrack for atla is awsome, the soundtrack for korra is even better. So i hope they decided to crack down and put it out. I really like the avatar state music for korra. the music from the very end… its a really awsome spin off the one from atla. til now, the only way ive been able to hear it is online, or playing it on the piano, which let me tell you finding the sheet music was a bitch, but well worth it. It’s is one of my favorite things to play on piano.

    • Avatar/KorraFan9150

      I disagree with you on this one, a soundtrack for Avatar The Last Airbender will be much appreciated. ATLA’s asian traditional music is 10x better than Korra’s jazzy music.

      • josh

        well thats the thing, the soundtrack for korra and atla are very similar. most of the korra music is just elaborations of atla music. actually, even better because the music on korra is mostly live instruments where the music on atla is mostly done with synthesizations. that was one of the things that track team and bryan and mike were proud of is that the music on korra is much more emotional, elaborate and that it was recorded with mostly live instruments as opposed to the atla soundtrack. but trust me, if you listen to the tracks on both of them, you will see what i mean, they are pretty much the same compositions. the atla soundtrack is very repetative where the korra soundtrack is very diverse and dynamically composed. but i dont know, ive been a composer for over 15 years, so i am very attentive to that kind of stuff.

        • Avatar/KorraFan9150

          I’ll take a guess that you haven’t seen the documentary on ATLA on youtube. It showed how ATLAs music was made and it was all with real instruments. Also the reason why it sounds repetitive is because ATLA has a theme music while Korra hasn’t. And a theme music goves much more depth to a series, for example like Pokemon’s original theme music (not the opening)

  • montypython

    New website format?

    • Keval

      No sorry, I was just doing some test runs with the new formats that were released today.

  • Brendan

    I think Summer is still a possibility… “Later This Year” doesn’t automatically mean fall, it just means later in the year… so July or August are still possible (more likely August), right? I’m hoping so.

  • andrew

    one voice actor tweeted this “LEGEND has it that certain hard-KORR fans will be getting a treat this summer! Just in the NICK of time!!!!”

  • crystalline

    I am hoping it will be news on the release of korra.but because it’s coming from the sound team its not as likely. I do agree that it would be a little odd if the soundrack artists of all people gave us the update. However, you never know. i want to believe it will be the release date but i dont want my hopes up and then end up being devastated. I do have high hopes that legend of korra will premeire late this summer though. Makes the most sense to me.

  • Erin

    To to be honest, I don’t really care about the soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong, loved the music for lok but I just hope they release a trailer or a release date.

    • Keval

      Same here. You can always download the sound track online if you REALLY want it.

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