Two Pieces of Story Board Art for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Released

Earlier today, Bryan Konietzko used Tumblr to give Legend of Korra fans some more Book 2 news to chew on. In his latest Tumblr post, Bryan did a Crew Profile of Owen Sullivan who is currently on-board as an Assistant Director of The Legend of Korra.

While giving some background of Owen, Bryan deemed it appropriate to show two pieces Book 2 story board that Owen worked on.

They certainly don’t reveal a whole lot about Book 2 at all, but screen shots are screen shots and it’s always exciting to get some sort of Book 2 information. The first piece of story board art basically shows Korra, Bolin, Jinora and Asami at the table eating some rice:

Bolin and Jinora look to be a bit busy to engage in a conversation, whereas Korra and Asami look to be in the middle of a discussion.

The next piece of story board arts shows Meelo… well… being Meelo. It looks like Meelo decided to step into the ongoing conversation by raising his hand above his plate and readying himself for a plate-smash.

Tenzin would not approve.

This is definitely an exciting time for Legend of Korra fans with the sudden influx of news as well as a possible date for Book 2’s release date announcement. Let’s just hope that we continue to receive even more Book 2 material as our wait for its premiere continues.

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  • Chrispix

    Yusssss At least we're finally getting SOMETHING!

    • Keval

      I know. I had to double check that these weren't Book 1 shots because I was so surprised about the reveal!

  • cement

    Meelo… that's enogh news until they show a teailer

    • Keval

      If they could just release a two second clip of Meelo from Book 2 saying something dumb, I would be so excited!

  • monkgyatso99

    Meelo: I'm not Meelo, I'm MELONLORD!!! MWAHAHA!

    • Keval

      Someone needs to GIF this ASAP! Get to it and send it to me PLEASE!

      • Sabrina

        Yes, oh yes!

  • Greenfire32

    Guess what guys? Months of nothing suddenly broken by multiple updates?

    I'd say the avatar is back.

  • Obamaniqua

    Yeah,I've seen this too on Tumblr. He gives us information,but not a lot. I really hope that he will show us screenshots of the episodes itselfs. With the color and all. THAT would be awesome. But hey,I'm already happy with this! GO AVATAR!!!

    • Keval

      Full colored screen shots are next on my list of things to expects. Well, next after the release date.

  • Diana

    Ha, meelo's awesome!

    • Keval

      You mean "Meelon Lord"? (see what I did there)

  • Sabrina

    Thanks for keeping us posted! :) I discovered your blog a few days ago and I went back to read all the posts.

    • Keval

      No problem, Sabrina. I hope you enjoyed them! And thank you for reading :)

      • Sabrina

        I wouldn't miss reading these for the world. 😀 They're pretty much my only source of Legend of Korra news right now, since the other blog I used decided to quit. And I like how you back your theories with evidence. :)

        • Keval

          Just out of curiosity, what was the other blog your used to read? The one that quit?

  • Jesal

    Hey Keval, new Book 2 fully colored scene on Bryan's blog!

    • Keval

      Thanks, Jesal! Much appreciated! :)

  • Avatar4me

    I love these pics but they don't give much but I am going to watch the information thingy on the 26th when Janet (Korra) will be talking about book 2 on nickelodeon and it Might have a trailer and book 2 release because that's what happen in the beginning of 2012 when they gave a trailer and a book 1 release date.

    • Keval

      Yeah, I haven't written about it yet, but I emailed Matsuri Con and they told me Janet Varney is hosting a Legend of Korra PANEL on the con. That's HUGE! We'll most likely get a trailer because of that.

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  • Emily Anderson

    You know, the whole second book has aired now, and I STILL don’t know where these storyboards showed up in the episodes — if at all. :/

    • Adhiraj Sharma

      book 3? haha

  • Adhiraj Sharma

    lol this was the first episode of book 3 hahhaa