Watch Legend of Korra Book 1 Episodes for Free

Were you a fan of Nickelodeon’s hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender? Did you know that Nickelodeon is currently airing episodes of a spin-off series titled The Legend of Korra? The series has received mixed reviews so far, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you like it. Fortunately for you Legend of Korra full episodes have made their way online for free in high quality. To give credit where credit is due, these videos are hosted by Vimeo and have been uploaded by Tryndamere Nidalee.

To enjoy the Legend of Korra Book 1, simply hit the play button and full-screen the video if you so chose. If you notice the videos buffering frequently, it may be a good idea to pause the video for several minutes and let it fully buffer.

If you have any technical issues with the Legend of Korra Book 1 episodes, feel free to let me about it in the comment section below.

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Watch each Season ofThe Legend of Korra for Free:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 3: The Revelation:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 4: The Voice in the Night:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 5: The Spirit of the Competition:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 6: And The Winner is…:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 7: The Aftermath:

Looking for The Legend of Korra Book 2 episodes? Watch them all in HD for free.

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 8: When Extremes Meet:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 9: Out of the Past:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 10: Turning the Tides:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 11: Skeletons in the Closet:

Legend of Korra Book 1: Episode 12: Endgame:

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  • Ashes

    This is a great idea!! Thank you so much!! By maybe you can even do a post every month about which episode was watched the most!!

    • AdminAvatar

      That would be a good idea, unfortunately I currently have no way of tracking those kind of statistics. But I'll look into it.

  • Mortiewhatever1997

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EPIS.! A pitty 1,2 and 9 don't work with me…

    • AdminAvatar

      I'll look into it to see of it's a technical issue on my side.

    • AdminAvatar

      Could you please explain what the exact issue is? Do they just not play? Or does it freeze a lot. Because I've tested the three episodes on multiple computers and they seem to work fine.

  • meelo1

    have the crew released any info about book 2 yet?

    • AdminAvatar

      Nope. Nothing official has been said since Comic Con.

  • Ashes

    I have this idea what do you think of it? Possible book two names:

    • Ashes

      Sorry I ment book three or four names

    • AdminAvatar

      Good idea.

      Actually sounds like a solid possibility.

  • Ashes

    In the past, as there ever been a leak of information after the comic con before the next book premieres?

    • AdminAvatar

      Not too sure to be honest. This is my first time covering the show in a blog format. Never really did the research.

  • Mortiewhatever1997

    Is it possible if you could sent me those vids in mp4 or so that i can watch it on my Mac. And share it on other pages ? Please. Or would you tell me where you got these?
    Thank you. Morgane Verrue

  • maymaymassacre

    Wouldn't it be weird if June was Asami's mother? Maybe that's where the got the idea of her looks from…

  • Jeremy C.

    Hey I reall enjoyed watching these keep up the great work and please don't change the video format for the next season because this is the only successful place I was able to watch from my iPod also how soon do you think after the release of the 2nd season will you be able to post new episodes thanks a lot!!

    • Keval

      Thanks Jeremy.

      I hope to have each episode from Book 2 up on the site a few days after they air.

      • avatar

        thank you great website

    • Mortiewhatever1997

      I agree about not changing the format please!

  • Fire.Flakes

    This is the only place I could find to watch all of the LoK season 1, thanks so much! This website is great :)

  • djlsnvkjD;B

    it takes long to load

  • CJ

    now i have nothing to watch until season 2

  • fshbsbsubsfuhwvidi

    just watched all the episodes aha i would love to know when book 2 will be here :)

  • Omar bautista

    When are the season 2 episodes airing?

  • Hi

    Book 2 should premiere in July of 2013

    • blacklavish

      actually scheadualed to air in september

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  • Muzamil

    ermm….the torrent by Daman4Life is much more better …Real 720p 😀

    • Keval

      Well you don’t have to download anything for these streams so it’s a lot more convenient. Plus you can watch these videos on your Apple Devices.

  • korra makes me fap

    fucking boner!

  • : )

    Thanks a lot!

  • Anish Maharjan

    i want more

  • Anish Maharjan

    when season 2 will come

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  • Ivan Lakota

    Love this website 😀

  • ericcartman434

    Not as epic as Avatar- but still it’s MFing EPIC :)

  • Annoyed

    On every video but the first 2, I get a message saying “This video can’t be played with your current setup. Please switch to a browser that provides native H.264 support or install Adobe Flash Player.”

    I do have Adobe Flash Player installed, so why am I getting this message? I should note the videos came up fine before today.

    • Keval

      Try upgrading your flash player.

  • GratefulAvatarFan

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. Its great to have all of the episodes in one place. This series is pretty awesome. I came into the series halfway through and now I have finally found the episodes that I missed.

  • Lee

    Your videos are great and buffer very quickly. Thank y ou.
    Do you have a site for the Aang series as other sites take extreme amount of time to buffer in comparison.

    • Keval

      Thank you! No sorry, I was in 5th grade when Avatar came out haha. I never had the opportunity to build a site for that :)

      • Avatar Lover
        the site has all the avatar eisodes. even KORRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

        • anonymous

          Yeah… in 240p

          • Like a boss


  • nacht

    The order is messed up…

    • proudconservative1074


  • Halle

    As an Avatar fan since the beginning… I’m proud to finally say I watched Korra. I thought I would be dissapointed, but I wasn’t. Nothing wil compare with Aang, but I’m happy the legend continues. LONG LIVE AVATAR KORRA.

    • fuck you,thats why

      chill the fuck down nerd, its just a cartoon

      • Dont be a douche

        Dont be a cunt. They can be as unchilled as they want to be.

        • wchefn

          stop fucking swearing you wankers

          • sam


          • sinead

            you are my favourite

          • andy


        • emma wrobel

          hahahah nicely put

      • Really?..

        But your watching as well so doesn’t that make you a nerd just like the rest of us? Hmm, something is not right here

        • ellite

          hahahahaaaa u can actually learn a lot from aang. I’m just now watching korras so idk on her right now

        • emma wrobel

          nerds are life

      • Brady1138

        You clearly haven’t watched this show so you have no right to speak.

        • screw.u.all.

          every one has the right to speech havent u ever heard of the freedom of speech act

      • Thea

        It’s NOT just a cartoon

        • FireAvatar

          What is it then?

        • subsubbe

          Its art too

        • Cam

          It’s inspiration. It’s insight. It’s life.

          • Just cuz

            Avatar is love
            Avatar is life

          • G.O.F.

            no Shrek is love And Shrek is life

      • avatar ang

        fucker you fucker.i will fire bend ur balss and give it appa!

    • Irou

      Rest in peace Avatar Aang

    • hbdfg

      i agree

      • KORRA

        i agree as wall

    • WaterbenderAvatar

      I think Korra is a better avatar than Aang! 😛 I find Aang really annoying.

      • tito1o9

        he was only twelve and she like 16

        • Jack Alefounder

          technically he was 112

      • Annica Garcia

        But korra is more forceful and stubborn. And aang didn’t kill fire lord ozai but if korra faced the fire lord she probably would have killed him.

        • Phenominaljard

          That’s what makes her so BADASS!!!

      • Aang and korra

        I think they are equally awesome! Though i liked the was the drawings were with aang they were similar with korra but not the same

        • emma wrobel

          i personally liked the first one much better, but this one is okay

    • josh

      damn ur right this shows quite good, but a love triangle geez at least aang and katara’s relationship was taken seriously. but i love the whole pro bending thing.

    • Djordje Vojvoda


  • James

    Great site, watched all episodes between my iPad and iPhone and had no issues with any of them. This site is now a permanent bookmark. Thanks for the episodes

  • Billy

    the first video is only 2:36 long?

  • hobo

    Couldnt amon just start his own city?

  • Kiara Soraism


  • Chris

    Jeez feels like they went forward centuries in terms of technology in only a generation or two haha

    • aaaaaa

      Thinks about how far we have advanced in just a generation or two.

  • Pete

    Marco gets to pick out of two powerful ladies and his brother is forever virgin. What’s up with that???

    • Another human

      It’s the sad truth, although a good man, the cheater’s usually seem to win. But you’d hope he will find someone who is an even better fit for him later on.

  • Jason

    Wait how is there more sky bison when Appa was the last sky bison in The Last Airbender??

    • Jackimus

      Apparently Aang found a whole bunch of them after the 100 year war was over.

      • Avatar Lover

        If you remember, in Book 3 Fire of Avatar the Last Airbender, when they went to the temple they saw some there. Guess they lived on their own then HAD BABIES. Voila! More sky bison.

  • Evolm3

    Thank you for uploading these episodes. As said before, they are in excellent quality and stream perfectly on my iPad. Thanks!!!!,!,!,

  • Jackimus

    Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the title of Episode 1 is not “Return to Republic City”, it is “Welcome to Republic City”.

    • Keval


  • Jackimus

    I hope book 2 will be as convenient as this!

    Take ages for shows to finally come to Nickelodeon in Australia.

    • Jazzy Jam

      Same in the U.K – Season 1 has only just started!

  • joe

    chapter 1 and 2 don’t work on iphones, but work fine from a laptop or pc

  • Pimp daddy aang

    Can’t watch the first episode idk why?

  • Jazzy Jam

    I have so much respect for Asami.

    • Namee

      She’s a cartoon……

  • Dannyxdude

    How come none of it works, only 1 and 2 work. When I try to play the others. It doesn’t load. It’s stuck at the buffering bar. Please help.

    • Chillingcurly

      Try refreshing the page. That happened to me too

  • Austin

    I want to watch Aang again. I haven’t watched any Avatar for a long time. I’ve only heard of Korra, glad I finally watched the first episode. I got really depressed when Katara said everyone is gone, it really is a new beginning. WE GOT ELECTRICITY! Thanks for this site!

  • Leeyah Patterson

    :) next season is coming out this september

  • SchmidtBit


  • nickdudelgz

    Just watched the entire season today lol it was awesome

  • alex


  • Newy

    Ty a lot for the episodes ^_^ !!!

  • Kyle

    Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the creator of this site: all of the episodes worked brilliantly for me!

    Can’t wait for the new Book coming in September :)

  • APC95

    Totally can’t wait for book 2 to come out in SEPTEMBER !!!! I’m so trilled ! Ever since Avatar the Last Airbender premiered I have been such a fan :DDDD and now this ?!?!? This is so amazing !!! From the sneak peak for part 2 looks like another hook for me ! #TEAMKORRA <3

  • Lily Moravek

    about half way through episode 10 and 16:31 into episode 11, it stops playing completely :( it jumps straight to the end of the clip :(

    • Lily Moravek

      nevermind… its working :)

  • Hussein

    hi there seems to be an issue with ep 9 says there was an issue with the playback. i have tried to refresh the page and close it down and reopen it again but still no lucky.

  • Bryan

    These videos work on my Iphone! Awesome thanks so much :)

  • lololol

    omg this is so funnier than legend of aang

  • legendofkorrafan

    thx so much for having this website now i can finish the legend of korra

  • bob

    who is the antagonist in season 2?

    • subsubbe

      If u mean the dead doctor dude in the libary he is from the last airbender story

  • qwerty

    I cant believe they got the cabbage man into

    • Avatar Lover


      • Cabbage man fan

        Don’t you mean CaBITCHES? We’re the bitches who love the cabbage man!

  • Avishek Basnet

    this is all in season 1

  • Andrea

    can’t wait to see what korra looks like when she gets her arrow tattoos :)))

    • Quin

      She wont. Only the air nomads got those.

      • Avatar Lover

        She will. Remember, Aang is her grandfather. Cant believe that Aang and Katara did it off screen. Wish I was there!!!!!
        Plus I didn’t really trust that this was going to be as good as Aang. Better than nothing. Wish the episodes came out faster!!!!!

        • subsubbe

          Erm aang was not related to korra other than the avatar spirrit because katara only had 3 kids and none of them is her mother. Only one of aangs kids had a real family. tenzin was the only one to have kids

  • ARS

    i kinda feel like my feelings have been played in this season. i mean, i don’t know if i hate a character or not. like, at first i think they’re bad, but then they turn out to be good. and then i thought some were nice, but then they weren’t. IT’S JUST SO CONFUSING. so pumped for the next seasonS!!! <3

    • mako<333

      i know! totally what i just thought! some roller coaster ride, huh?

  • myles hoare

    will book 2 be added to this site in septemper or will it be an hyperlink? Plus i can’t believe that Toph revolutionised metal bending, but i think that the bringing of the industrial revolution was a bit over the top but thats just me. CAN’T WAIT!! till september :) 😉 <3

  • happypieland

    So why cant you download past episode 2?

  • Abel Abel

    It’s too quiet to hear. :

  • mustafa towfic

    please when book2 comes make the videos all episodes like book1.

  • Nicole

    This is awesome! This is the only place where i could watch full episodes online! Thanks so much!

  • Aly

    I didn’t think I would enjoy this but it’s not bad at all. There is only one annoyance which is that General Iro’s voice actor sound (and is, i think) the same, which doesn’t remove from the awesomness of the show but is kind of wierd to see and hear.

    • Aly

      sounds the same as Zuko’s – forgot to add that 😛

      • Sarah Sanny

        that’s because it is the same voice actor, because General Iro is Fire Lord Zuko’s son…

        • noob

          GRand son

  • Riley McDonald

    im literally crying. when she got her bending back, and she confessed her love to mako im crying

  • Nathan_655555

    why is Amon crying at the end on the boat?

    • subsubbe

      Because he was rejoined with his brother after years

  • bloodbendrer is stupid

    this is funny where was katara in that trial if she was there I bet she can pwned that bloodbender all by herself since she can do that too and everything will just come to an end.

    • DADAM

      Katara only Bloodbends at Full Moon , She is no Special Bloodbender Like the one in the Season 2 , The man in the season 2 was the first bender to bloodbend without a full moon :)

  • bloodbendrer is stupid

    that wounded dude in ep11 voice was totally zuko

  • dada


  • dada

    /Has s*x with avatar

    • Avatar Lover

      Bad Boy! Me first then you! Haha

    • subsubbe

      Ok she is hot who would not sleep with her if u were an anime character

  • Noodle

    Will book 2 be on here?

  • ZukoSon

    Holy shit! They got the voice actor for Zuko to be the voice of general iroh! Nostalgia boner!!!

  • mustafa towfic

    LOK book 2 is in september 13

  • J.S.Reel

    The original seasons were remarkable in their entirety and had in incredible impact on me. I was hesitant to begin watching The Legend of Korra. I had expected LoK to fall short of The Last Airbender, but I am overwhelmed with the detail and brilliance in this sequel. I’m amazed by The Legend of Korra! The anticipation of season 2 is quite literally killing me…

  • David Dietsch

    Episode 1 and 2 aren’t there?

  • dv0529


  • Undercover Brother

    I liked it. I just think the ending felt rushed. It was too easy.

  • Jim

    I really Miss Aang but this is just as good

  • Anonymous

    LONG LIVE AVATAR AANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Demonic Chimera

    I finally watched Korra, and I only just realised that at least 1/4 of all Avatars after Aang will be descended from him.

  • Matt

    Will you guys upload book two?

  • Kailey

    I like Korra. She’s cool. She reminds me of me. She’s headstrong, rebellious, impetuous, impatient. But she’s also loyal, strong, brave and has a great journey ahead of her. Just like me.

  • Syn

    my feels….so many…feels……OMG!


    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar=Awesome

    This is honestly the best site I have ever seen to watch these shows. Its better than project free tv by a long shot. Thank you for this, its a relief to be able to watch Korra without the fear of viruses or confusing layouts. Very nice job :) And yes, its a great show, very happy the story continues.

  • Korra832

    A timeless, classic animation. Great in so many ways!

  • Isaac101

    Yay! best ending EVER! I didn’t think it would be nearly as good as The Last Airbender but it did pretty darn well :)

  • LAKERS24

    I FINALLY got caught up with Book 1 of “Legend of Korra”. I too thought I would be disappointed, but I am PROUD to say I was WRONG! It won’t be as great as the first series, but STILL an AMAZING follow-up so far! #LongLiveAvatar

  • WizzyYizzy

    korra is such a slut in episode 5

    • Nony Mouse

      Not a slut.. just a flirt. :/ There’s a difference.

      • subsubbe

        “Thats what aaalll the peple say” 😀

  • yerp

    fuck cunt dick balls shit

  • vanesa brusokaite

    it just sad when u think like all that adventures of ang zuko and others gone just….. sad but im glad avatar continues :’)

  • Elijah Robinson

    Love this site short but great season

  • avatar fan

    this is the best tv show i’ve ever seen

  • Marie Waggoner

    I totally felt the same way Halle! Then last night we were bored and decided to look for book 1 of the new avatar series…..SO GLAD I DID!

  • joseph

    I have seen all the past avatar episodes and I have seen legend of korra and I have to say that I liked the past avatar aang a little more better than korra.

    • subsubbe

      I like youre coment because u didnt say suck °_°

  • dfdgh

    yo this is awsome. if you think it aint fuck you

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  • blogybo

    …i can’t find season 2… grrr

    • subsubbe

      Corner up top

  • McLovin

    the “scaling is on” button isn’t in the right corner when i go full screen…

  • Zygrith

    I gotta admit i like this more than the original Avatar.

  • Izzy

    Finally started watching LoK…Great series, the love related stuff is annoying as f*** but apart from that it’s great :)

  • Harmony

    Im addicted to this series!!! XD

  • ray

    what is wrong with episode 6?

  • guy

    there is an add in the way of the play button for episodes 1 and 2. I cant play them :/

  • stupid ads

    how do i get rid of the walmart ad covering the video??

  • subsubbe

    I kind of like korra better
    I liked aang 2 but korra gets me more into the serie
    finaly a teenaged girl with awsoume powers mixed with some romance

  • Lapis Safeiros

    This makes me so happy. Thank you!! :’)

  • TheLazlow

    Dang, that ending with the Tarloq is such a tear jerker :'(



    • subsubbe

      1st its an anime
      2nd i think the city was far too messed up to be peacefull
      3rd if you have that perspective aang is also just maintaining the peace avatar wan and rava created.

  • subsubbe

    Personally the ending made me soo happy it almost made me cry

  • engy

    i watched season 2 in kora but my opinion that it wasnt good like season 1 and i never thought that avatar Aang will be completed…… but i think that avatar Aangs adventure was better than avatar kora …

  • anoonymous

    Its not working :(

  • Just My Feelings.

    People stop saying That Avatar is Just a cartoon. To YOU it is just a cartoon. But to some people its a more then that. Some people say that Harry Potter is just a story, but for others it IS inspiration. It’s Hope, It’s a lesson within a story. It shows that no matter where you come from or what your odds are, who knows, you could be the chosen one. Let people have their hope, just because it means one thing to you doesn’t mean it should be the same for everyone else.

  • ellite

    hahahaa yahh ur right no one can undo aang he learned so much in his life he can just show them everything like he did korra when she started to give bending back

  • bestTVshowever+TLAB

    General Iro has Zuko’s voice ?_?

  • Sammy

    In Episode 5,Korra says, “Look I really like you and I think we were meant for each other.” Lol, that’s me with every guy. fml.

  • me

    why don’t you have book 2 up? it’s been over a year.

    • me

      jk, found it lol. ^-^

  • Djordje Vojvoda

    this is so lame …

  • Ash

    Wats with de 2nd book there’s a bunch of ads

  • Jordan MacDonald

    the video players are too big for eps 1 and 2 i can’t click enlarge button

  • Sensou-Ookami

    I teared up at the end when she gave Lin Beifong back her bending. Was an amazing season.

  • jes

    The end of the last episode was a bit of a cop out.

  • iloveAVATAR

    I like Korra but without Aang the war isn’t over ! Plus i think Aang is not annoying he’s funny and i don’t really care if they are annoying or not what i really cared about is that i loved this story and i will still love it forever its inspiration and its a very special cartoon !

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  • Jonah

    I loved the ending, but i wish they would have made he boat scean a bit longer, they are 2 very important characters so i think they deserved a longer better ending

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  • Georgia

    I love the legend of korra
    Yes please thank you

  • Georgia

    Thanks avatar

  • Nxt Avatar Vann

    The Avatar series is not just a cartoon, its a way of life!!!!

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  • Weller Smith

    Aang was MUCH MUCH better than korra. i miss the old courageous Aang. I would rate korra 1 star less than aang.